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extendr blog
Your 2 first impressions

You may never get a chance to make a first impression a second time but you have two first impressions to make.

When we meet each other, we’re pretty accustomed to the preparation. A couple rules come to mind like taking a shower, doing your hair, looking appropriate (what ever that might be) and trying not to stink. Standard stuff really. Smile. When we have guests to our homes the bet gets raised. Now we clean the house, choose and prepare a meal and actively host too. If you’re a nice person you usually make great first impressions when they’re made face to face.

It’s normal to make analogue impressions. These are the kind we’ve been making for years. We’re motivated by consequence in these impressions. When we meet people physically we can see their face and they can see ours. It might not seem like much but because of it we can see each others reactions. We want to get a pleasant response from people when they’re right there in front of us. I submit to you that because we can’t see people’s reactions when they meet us online we don’t care to prepare for it. Odd.

The reality of a second impression is exploding around us but it’s not easy to see or hear. It’s not right in front of us and because of that it’s hard to gage our success. This second opportunity is the digital one. It’s the impression you make online. How is you’re digital introduction doing? Are people pleased to meet you online?

Geography and time, both previous limitations for introduction and interaction, are now mitigated by new digital tools and realities. It seems reasonable to posit that never before in history has it been so easy to meet people. Yet, most of us do so in the digital world fairly poorly. With all this potential it’s weird to see so few people take advantage of it. Are you?

Today we all have a second impression to make. One of our impressions is easy. We’ve been practicing it for years. The other impression has huge potential but it’s new. Consider being very intentional about your digital first impressions. It’s one of your first impressions and it can be very powerful if you craft it well.

.extendr new intro video

We’re thinking of posting this on the main page as an introduction. Thumbs up or down on it?

@ us on twitter @extendr

Premium just got more Premium

Additions to report criteria now avalible to premium accounts include individual click tracking, time specific referal slices, and a log of all traffic.

Why search?

With all the opportunity now in the social networking environment to meet people and extend personal and corporate brands why are we making people search for us? When we search, the vast majority of the time we don’t find what we want to find anyway. Now consider when someone searches for you. Are they finding what they want to find? So what good is all the opportunity if it’s lost because people can’t find you?

In this context we wonder why we don’t all make a great introduction page for ourselves and make sure people in each of our networking locations point to it. It’ll sure beat the process of constantly managing your search engine optimization. Not only would you be providing context for yourself, which everyone who would search for you is looking for anyway, you can track the volume of your page. You can see if people are looking for you.

Our question is, why make people search for you? Really. Why? Why make people search when the wide majority of the time you have the opportunity to craft your introduction vs. leave that introduction to the chance of search engines. You can give people an introduction page of optimized links to your stuff online that looks like search. In that case, if they see that page first, they’ll likely never have the instinct to search.

So, one link to rule them all on your card, on your profiles, in your email signature. You’re happy. The people you meet are happy. It’s your internet signature and your network extends.

The climate around .extendr

This presentation was given with a voice over at the first event for Each slide was shown for 20 seconds. What do you think of the Digital Porch idea? How about the notion of Introduction Angst?

Feature: Customization

.extendr allows customization of your profile. The free version allows 6 foreground and 2 background colors and premium adds fully customizable colors. Premium also enables custom background images and profile pictures for more personal pages. Each version also lets you type a brief summary to provide some additional context about yourself. Note that your summary will also be used as the meta description for your profile which is what will be printed about your .extendr page in search results.

Feature: Tour

A recent feature addition to .extendr is the Tour. The .extendr profile is a great way to present your links, but we thought we could do better at letting people check out all of somebody’s .extendr links in succession. By either adding “/tour” to the end of someone’s .extendr address or clicking the “My Tour” button in the top right of their profile, a viewer can go through all of someone’s links, one at a time by clicking on the right and left arrows.

Now, we do use an iframe for this, and I am well aware of the controversy, and even downright anger, a lot of site owners have over misused iframes, but we believe that this use adds value to our web experience and we hope (and have heard) people find it useful. Unfortunately, there are quite a few sites out there that will detect if they’re loaded inside an iframe and break out of them..which stops the .extendr tour immediately when this happens. We’ve handled this by maintaining a list of these sites and loading an informative message during the tour when one of these sites is detected with a link to open the site in a new tab so the tour may continue. If anyone does find sites that are still breaking people’s .extendr tours, feel free to let me know!

Check one out at

Feature: Links

First, .extendr is a collection of your links. It is common for people today to have a presence on many different sites. They may have a blog or two, a facebook account, twitter, and a collection of accounts on other random social networks. With .extendr, you pull all these together and if someone wants to check you out they can instantly see which social networks they have in common with you and what else looks interesting to them.

Links can be added in several ways. First, you can simply type or paste in a url and link name. Or, you can use the popular site dropdown to pick a popular service and just type your username in and .extendr will construct your profile link. Third, and perhaps the quickest for adding a bunch of sites at once, is the Quick Add feature. Quick Add is a bookmarklet (found in settings > profile) that can be dragged to your browser bookmark bar and any site you’re on that you’d like to add to your extendr profile can be quickly added by just clicking the button. We also support email links: add an email and we won’t publish it, but will let visitors to your profile send you a message through a form.. if it comes from someone you wish to continue communicating with.. go ahead and reply, otherwise, they won’t have your email address.

You can put your .extendr address (e.g. anywhere that asks for your ‘bio’ or ‘profile url’ as well as your email signatures and business cards and you’ve instantly guided anyone who’s interested to your entire web presence.

It’s about making it easy for people to meet you.

.extendr premium launches
  • Nearly 1/3 of Web searches look for people, but the average person’s online footprint is spread in too many locations to make an effective introduction.
  • .extendr brings all your links in one place, creating your online table of contents - the address is always the same, but you decide what new content to add, so you’re always relevant.
  • .extendr is a simple profile page, for which you decide your relevant groups and links; for a buck a month, premium members can enhance pages with pictures, expanded colors and graphics.
  • Populated with your choice links, your .extendr page gives an Amazon-style, page-by-page “tour” of your digital footprint using a simple preview pane interface.
  • .extendr is one link to rule all your links - your customized search results page.
  • To learn more about premium, check out our FAQ, or Join Now!
“tour” is experimental

We launched a new feature we’re calling Tour. It’s available on all accounts and is mainly for people who come to another person’s profile. When the tour button in the upper right of your public profile is clicked viewers are escorted through the links on your profile that are compatible with the technology powering tour.

It’s experimental now as we work out how it can be best delivered. If you want something excluded from tour you’re able to per link when you edit that link.

We hope you enjoy this interesting new feature. We sure do.

.extendr team